VIDEO: This Mom’s Reaction To Her Son Throwing Rocks At The PoIice Is Commendable.

Being a good mom… even a great mom… doesn’t always mean sharing the love for your children with hugs and kisses. Sometimes that love is shared through discipline, and teaching your children right from wrong.

In 2015, with tensi.ons rising on the streets of Bal.timore, a young, mas.ked man, among others, was rioting against po.lice and throwing rocks at them.

An unide.ntified woman nearby witnessed the commotion, and within a minute, she was moving in on that young man fast, like a heat-seeking miss.ile. That didn’t anything from her; she knew it was her son.

When she reached him, she tried pu.lling his mas.k off. Then, she started him on the head, giving him a heavy tongue lashing. His actions tow.ard p.olice officers emb.arrassed her; but moreover, she knew he was doing wrong, that he had been taught better than that.

Said one bystander: “Baltimore doesn’t need the National Guard … they need more parents like this one!”

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