Travolta Shows Off Dance Moves From Grease For The First Time In 40 Years And Doesn’t Disappoint

The showbiz industry has blessed us with many good-looking and talented figures. One of such legendary stars is John Travolta. Famously known for his Saturday night fever, the actor has created a large fan base through his versatile acting.

However, for many years, the question remains, why hasn’t John created a remake for the “Grease” musical? One of the reasons is, he gets hardly asked about the movie. Despite being one of the hit musical movies of the late seventies. The name rarely swirls in any interviewer’s tongue.

John has raised the bar so high with his impeccable acting and top-notch action scenes. Every new movie he plays catches the attention of many, making the former ones obsolete for conversation. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John later became two icons in the Hollywood industry.

However, the day finally comes, as the late-night show host encourages John to take on the dance floor. Falcon’s evident love for the musical numbers urges the actor to execute some 70’s moves. Not only that, once he begins, we were completely taken back by his muscle memory. His hips don’t lie at all. After four decades, Travolta proves his love for movies and music through dance. Please press play and enjoy this entertaining and almost nostalgic clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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