Tim Tebow Gives Glory to God in Award Acceptance Speech

Tim Tebow recently received the Sports Impact Award at the K-LOVE Fan Awards show.

The crowd cheered with joy upon hearing the celebrity’s name called to the stage. The K-LOVE fan awards is an annual Christian music fan-voted awards ceremony.

Instead of being prideful and bragging about his accomplishments, Tebow gave all the glory to God. He also encouraged everyone in the audience to carry the light of God as to inspire others to follow Jesus.

After accepting the award and expressing gratitude, Tebow took a few moments to have a little fun and make a few jokes. He even teased the host of the event, Christian singer Matthew West.

“Matthew, let’s just be honest, you’ve never thought about running a marathon. And unfortunately, those shorts you wore proved it,” he joked with West, who had been seen in a dancing skit wearing pink shorts.

Following his comedic entrance, Tebow expressed the honor he felt for winning the award alongside various other artists who have had such an impact on Christian culture.

Tebow stated:

Guys, it is such an honor to be here, especially just around so many legends and inspirations just getting to sit with you Toby Mac and Chris Tomlin so many heroes of the faith that I get fortunate to be around.

Guys, I just want you to be encouraged because I know it gets hard for so many of you but you inspire so many people. And I want you to keep going because you have no idea the impact that you’re making on so many people around the world what you guys said know that and be encouraged.

You inspire people you wanna inspire me Is it nice to feel someone with the urge to do something and you do that you feel people with the urge to want to follow Jesus and don’t stop that. That’s why what you’re doing matters. That’s why being here matters.

The former football star made it very clear that there is “only one MVP” and it is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ:I’ve been chasing, someone that’s been chasing dreams to be the best to win championships to win MVP.

To try to be the best and there’s nothing wrong with that. But ultimately on that day in so many days after God has opened my eyes to what does it mean if you actually are an MVP if you do get it to be the most valuable player because ultimately, that he impacted my heart that the MVP I should be chasing is the most vulnerable people around the world.

Because ultimately, there is only one MVP, and he died on a cross on a rescue mission for humanity.

And He has commanded us to go defend the weak, protect the poor and go after those that are hurting and let me tell you something.

There are a lot of people around the world that are hurting. That means that we have a big job. Let’s go get our job done. God bless you guys.

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