‘Thank you, Mom & Dad!’ Adopted Girl Tears Up Seeing Her Bed After Being Homeless for Years

‘Thank you, Mom & Dad!’ Adopted Girl Tears Up Seeing Her Bed After Being Homeless for Years – Story of the Day

The girl continued to stare at her but said nothing. “Would you like us to help you with something?” Veronica asked. “My name is Veronica and this is my husband, Joseph.” What is your name?”

The girl didn’t say a word.

Veronica looked at Joseph and sighed. “Can you talk to her? He looks scared.”

Veronica and Joseph took the girl to a cafe and got her sandwiches and a chocolate shake. As she quietly ate her food, everyone around them stared at her strangely because of her unkempt appearance.

So Veronica and Joseph brought the little girl home and gave her Sam’s comfortable bed to sleep in that night. The next morning, they called the police and CPS, but when authorities began questioning the girl, she hid behind Veronica.

“She seems to trust you,” the social worker told Veronica. “Have you thought about feeding her?” We can’t do anything unless she speaks up, and we can say she feels safe here.”

“We haven’t thought about it yet,” Joseph said. “But,” he looked at Veronica and said, “I don’t think we’re ready for that.”

“NOT!” Veronica interrupted him, hugging the girl to her. “We can do that. And we’re certified, because…well…we were thinking about adopting at one point!”

“Great then,” said the worker. “You can hold the girl while we look for her parents or anyone who knows who she is. Good luck!”

Even Veronica couldn’t explain why she felt such a strange connection with the girl and decided to keep her at home.

As time passed, Veronica and Joseph grew to love the girl as their own, and even adopted her because her family could not be found. But there was one problem. The girl simply did not speak. Even when she didn’t like something, she didn’t say anything.

This bothered the couple, so they took her to the doctor, who explained that the girl was traumatized.

“I would describe it as shock,” said the doctor. “Your daughter went through a terrible ordeal, and she still hasn’t fully recovered from it.” While medical science can work wonders, I believe what your daughter needs most at this stage is love and care. As her parents, only you can do that.”

“It’s going to be okay, honey,” Joseph said, comforting her. “I have an idea. I’m not sure if it will make a significant difference, but we can try!

Joseph and Veronica decided to prepare a princess-themed room for their daughter Millie as a surprise. They removed all of Sam’s old things as a sign of their healing from his death, and redid the walls, the bed, the closet, everything!

“Surprise!” the couple exclaimed as they showed Millie’s room.

“Didn’t you like your room honey?” Veronica asked. “See, it’s all about the princesses! Finally you have your own bed! It’s all yours! Daddy and I know how much you love princesses!”

Milly looked at them, then at the room, but said nothing.

Victoria and Joseph went back to their room dejected.

“I think we should take her to a therapist,” Joseph said. “That would be the best.”

Just then, Millie walked into their bedroom. Joseph and Veronica were shocked to see that she was in tears.

“What’s wrong honey?” Victoria asked. “Are you ok?”

“Thank you… Skye,” she said and Victoria and Joseph were shocked to hear their daughter speak.

“Thanks, Mom and Dad. The bed…princess…I like it!” she continued. “Can you call me Skye?

Joseph and Victoria couldn’t help but cry as they hugged Millie. “We love you, honey,” Joseph added. “Was Skye your previous name?”

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