Texas Man’s Bible Survives Fire That Burned Down His Home

A Texas man is saying that he just witnessed a miracle when his Bible survived the fire that destroyed his home last week.

Charles House was sleeping in his Tyler home early Friday morning when he smelled smoke and immediately fled. His home was actually a storage unit that he had converted into a house, and he lost everything in the fire. Miraculously, however, Charles returned to the site of the fire to find that his Bible had survived the blaze.

“He said His word would not perish, and the Bible did not burn,” he said. “It was scorched, but it did not burn.”

Charles sees it as a miracle that he survived along with his Bible.

“It’s a blessing,” he said. “I can’t stop saying that because it’s a blessing. Thank God.”

Officials have found that hazardous wiring in the building was the cause of the blaze. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Charles, and it has already raised over $5,400. People have been using the page to also send Charles their thoughts and prayers.

“I pray you continue on in faith and with Jesus Christ as leader of your life,” one well-wisher wrote. “May you be blessed bountifully Charles. the miracle of our Lord and Saviour keeping your bible from burning is a great testimony. Never stop declaring Gods power in your life!! Amen. Shalom.”

“I felt lead to help,” another person added. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you. The same thing happened to a friend of mine in Kentucky the house was a total loss the only thing that survived was her Bible unscathed (no one was home).”

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