Television Icon Barbara Walters is a “shadow of herself” as she spends her final days indoors due to dementia.

Television Icon Barbara Walters is a “shadow of herself” as she spends her final days indoors due to dementia.

Barbara Walters, the behemoth of American journalism and a television legend, has been diagnosed with severe stages of dementia and is apparently spending her final days as a hermit in her New York City apartment.

The legendary American broadcaster has had a beautiful media profession spanning decades, and she has met some of the most intriguing individuals in the world, yet she is unable to talk much or recall much.

Barbara has been out of the public spotlight since she left her popular chat program ‘The View’ in 2014. In September, her talk show co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, provided a rare update on Barbara’s health, and fans were concerned.

According to a source close to Walters, she spends her days as a “recluse” while being observed by carers. Barbara is exhausted and fatigued, as well as anxious and agitated. She’s really fragile and spends much of the day sleeping!

According to the source, only the news presented on television aroused her interest and irritated her since she still feels she is meant to be covering those topics.

Barbara is barely a ghost of herself, a source added. She frequently forgets what day it is or who her renowned friends and former coworkers are. Everybody is now preparing for the worst. Walters is now effectively a captive in her own house. Barbara doesn’t talk much and has lost touch with her pals. She’s now a virtual skeleton, frail, and in a wheelchair.

Walter’s condition continues to deteriorate as a result of her profound dementia, and she has begun to slip away a bit more each day. Every day, Barbara fades a bit more. She’s nearing the end, and her team is trying to handle things just like Barbara would want them, a source said at the time. Unfortunately, her dementia has worsened.

Her caregiver allows her to make everyday decisions, yet she usually just stares at them blankly. She is wheelchair-bound and is thought to have hearing loss and heart trouble, the insider claimed.

Barbara Walters, the legendary ABC newscaster, is currently 93 years old and has married four times to three different partners. Jacqueline, her adoptive daughter, is 54 years old.

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