“Stranded on Christmas Eve”: Electric Car Strands Owner After Vehicle Refuses to Charge in Cold [VIDEO]

44 year old Tesla owner Domenick Nati, shared a startling video to TikTok where he tried charging his Tesla in the freezing cold but the car refused to charge.

“Tesla S will not charge in the cold. Stranded on Christmas Eve!” Nati posted on Twitter.

Check out what the American Tribune reported:

In the video, which he has since shared to Twitter as well, he shows that once plugged in the Tesla tells him “Battery is heating- keep charge cable inserted.” Okay, that shouldn’t be a problem, Nati says he let the car idle with climate controls on and assumed the battery would heat and begin charging soon. Nati then resumes filming two hours later to show the progress (LOL) of the charging session. After two entire hours of idling the Tesla, the screen still reads the exact same message, “Battery is heating – keep charge cable inserted.”

Nati also showed the range at the beginning and the end of his endeavor, which remained steady at 19 miles for the duration of his stay at the pump.

Now, critics of EVs are struggling to refrain from saying “I told you so,” since this kind of issue is the same fear that many still have regarding the Tesla-led industry. Simply put, these cars are not reliable enough to be one’s main vehicle. In nearly any circumstance, a gas car can be filled and resume driving on the road, which could be the difference between life and death when temperatures climb into the negatives as they did before Christmas this year.

According to Business Insider, Nati left the car charging for another 15 hours while he tried to contact Tesla support. He never heard a response from the company. And, to make matters worse, since this was his only car, Nati said that he had to cancel his Christmas day plans since there were no available Uber or Lyft rides in the area. He also added that he would likely miss seeing his son on Christmas morning.

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