Monkey adopts tiny abandoned puppy, protects it from stray dogs and even lets it eat first

Animal friendships are some of the most heartwarming things in this world.
When the two animals in question are vastly different, it adds such a fun spin to the story, and we can’t get enough of it.

One of the most famous examples of this is Koko and her kittens!

She was a famous gorilla who adopted a few different kittens over the years and mothered them like her own.

One Facebook post got the world watching one of the cutest friendships around.

A rhesus macaque monkey living in India stumbled across an abandoned puppy while it was going about its business.

After finding the little dog, the monkey did more than just watch it — it rescued it!

The monkey looks like it has officially adopted the little dog and people across the world are watching the wonderful relationship play out.

The monkey is going to incredible lengths to make sure that the little dog is cared for.

In an incredible display of affection, the monkey has been looking after its new friend by protecting and caring for it. Zee News said:

“People who have seen the two adorable animals spoke of their strong mutual affection and described this animal friendship as the most caring thing in the world — to take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a parent.”

The monkey holds onto the little puppy like a mother would.
While we can’t know exactly what is going through the monkey’s brain, we can obviously see that it cares for and loves its new “baby.” Once people noticed the wonderful little story, they started leaving food out for the two of them.

Fighting off stray dogs, this macaque truly looks after its friend.

The streets can be incredibly rough for homeless and abandoned animals.

For a puppy, the odds of making it are especially rough.

There is always danger lurking at every corner.

Thankfully, the monkey isn’t one to back down from a fight!

When stray dogs come, the monkey fights them off. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of those teeth!

When there is food available, the monkey always lets the puppy eat first.

Like any good friend or mother, letting a hurt or needy friend eat first shows that you care about them.

This monkey is doing just that with its puppy!

Every time they find food, the monkey allows the puppy to get what it needs first.

The two wandered around the city, making quite a sight.

As more photos surface, people are learning the value of friendship from this unlikely duo.

When is the last time you saw a monkey swinging from a building holding onto a puppy?

It all just goes to show that humans don’t have a monopoly on caring and being nice to one another.

Whether it’s on a roof or on the street, nothing can separate these two and their friendship.

Seeing these two makes you wonder what the puppy is going to act like as it gets older!

It may turn out to be more monkey than puppy at this rate!

Maybe we can all learn a lesson about friendship from watching these two

Check out the video below!
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