Kirstie Alley Passed Away at 71: Kids Thank Mom for ‘Eternal Joy’ She Brought Her Family & Animals

Kirstie Alley, the “Cheers” icon, has died at 71 surrounded by beloved family.
Her kids are grateful for all happiness she brought to her family and animals in her final years.

Kirstie Alley, best known for her roles in “Cheers,” “Looks Who’s Talking,” and “It Takes Two,” passed away on December 5, 2022. Her fans were shocked as there was no news that she was ill before she passed.

Her children took to her Instagram page to share a photo of their late mother and announce that she had passed on. Her daughter, Lillie, shared the same post on her Instagram and another post went up on Alley’s Twitter account.

The announcement said that Alley had fought a short battle with cancer and had then passed away surrounded by her loved ones. The actress’s children said she had only recently discovered she had cancer.

The children then thanked Alley’s team of doctors and nurses, which made her a little more comfortable for the last few days. They said that Alley, who had her family around her when she passed, inspired them to live their lives fully.

They said she loved her children and grandchildren and was passionate about animals and life. They talked about what an incredible actress their mother was and an even better mother and grandmother who “fought with strength” and gave them “never-ending joy.”

Lillie and her brother, True, thanked fans for the love and prayers they received from around the globe after their mother’s death and humbly asked that they be given the space and time they needed to grieve privately.
How Kristie Brought Joy to Her Family and Animals in Recent Years
Throughout her life, Alley has been an advocate for animals and children. She loved animals and always ensured that people knew that our children were our future. As such, she brought much joy to animals and her grandchildren before her death.

Alley lived in Clearwater, Florida, for some years before his death. She purchased a waterfront property there. The house was bought in 2000, and she was often seen out and about in the town.

The “Cheers” icon spent many special occasions in her home in Clearwater, and she once shared a photo of her and her family on Christmas, saying she was proud to have four generations in one image.

She also often shared photos of her grandchildren, mentioning how proud she was of them and talking about how beautiful they were. One photo was of her granddaughter in a blue dress on Halloween.

While she loved her grandchildren and often showed them off on social media, she also loved animals deeply and even owned a pet squirrel, which she shared cute videos of from time to time. She raised the squirrel from the time it was a baby.

Once, she shared a photo of a lemur surrounded by easter eggs on her Facebook page. Easter decorations were in the background, and Alley said the lemurs were given organic cranberries in the eggs.

In 2016, around the same time, her first grandchild was born, Alley welcomed another new addition to the family. She posted a picture of a corgi puppy on her Facebook page and said his name was Phin.

While she made a lot of time for animals, Alley ensured she made just as much time for her family. She once shared a photo of dirty dishes stacked high on a counter and mentioned what a lovely day it had been with her family.

Alley was a wonderful grandmother and mother, but she was also a great daughter. In 2015, she shared a photo of her father, then-92, sitting in a comfortable wingback chair, scrolling on an iPhone for the very first time.

To confirm her love for both her grandchildren and animals, Alley once shared a photo collage of her grandson, a lemur, and her corgi pup on Facebook and said that those are the things she would pack in her suitcase.

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