Hero Mailman Sees Toddler Alone In Street, Bursts Through Door To Find Mom Hunched Over Stroller

Hero Mailman Sees Toddler Alone In Street, Bursts Through Door To Find Mom Hunched Over Stroller

Stephen Garofalo currently works as a mailman in the small town of Wayne, New Jersey. He has been delivering post for the past 32 years and knows the route like the back of his hand. Naturally, Stephen has become quite familiar with every detail of the neighborhood. He knows a majority of the residents and can definitely determine when something seems out of place or abnormal.

Even though Stephen had worked for the postal service for over three decades, he hadn’t experienced anything dramatic or horrifying during his daily route. After all, every neighborhood in Wayne, New Jersey is quiet, peaceful, and quaint.

Stephen’s mail route is even made early in the morning when most people are still asleep or at work. Nothing could have prepared this mailman for the fateful experience that would turn him into a hero. Stephen went from a local mailman to a national hero.

One morning, Stephen saw a 2-year-old wandering outside his home without any supervision. There were no parents, older siblings, or babysitters to be found. This was an immediate red flag and Stephen knew that something had to be done. The mailman had actually seen this boy many times during his route, but the child’s mom was always present.

Stephen quickly exited his mail truck and asked the boy about his mom. The toddler seemed frightened and nervous. When asked about the whereabouts of his mother, the 2-year-old pointed to his house.

After ensuring that the toddler was safe, Stephen rushed inside to make sure the child’s mother was okay. Unfortunately, Stephen found the mother hunched over a stroller. Stephanie, the child’s mother, was completely unconscious.

Stephen tried to get the woman’s attention, but she was unresponsible. He called an ambulance to the home and anxiously waited for its arrival. Stephen didn’t leave the home until Stephanie and her child were safe.

Stephanie was rushed to the local hospital where she received proper medical attention. She ended up making a full recovery. However, the situation could have been far worse if Stephen hadn’t called the ambulance. Stephanie had suffered a bad reaction to some of her medications.

The United States Postal Service presented Stephen with the rare Life-Saving Award. If it weren’t for Stephen’s efforts, the fate of Stephanie and her child could have been much worse.

You can watch the whole story in the video below:

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