Fox News’ Jesse Watters Is Unstoppable, Hosts Two Shows With Over 3 Million Viewers

Fox News’ Jesse Watters, formerly a man-on-the-street journalist for legend Bill O’Reilly, has truly ascended into the upper echelon of media giants. Watters was successful as a fill-in for O’Reilly and had success on the co-hosted show The Five, but his star has really shone since being given a primetime slot for his own eponymous hourly program.

The numbers don’t lie; Watters is crushing it everywhere he goes. Fed up with a lying corporate media apparatus and hack journalists, Watters delivers substantive reports and smashes through lies with humor, wit, and facts.

And it’s paying off. Mediaite is reporting that this week Watters was able to draw an impressive three-million viewers on not just one program, but two programs in the same evening. Competitors at CNN and MSNBC are lucky to do that in a week – Watters did it twice in the same day.

This report comes on the heels of another story in which Fox News reached an audience size of TWENTY MILLION a few nights ago. In the same evening, its lousy competitors managed just a fraction of that.

As Western Journal related, programs featuring the likable Watters drew in astounding audience figures which dwarfed anything offered by rivals. The post-Trump era continues to mire radical outlets like CNN and MSNBC in viewership doldrums.As Western Journal notes:

The whopping 3.749 million viewers “The Five” drew at the 5 p.m. hour blew away the audience of CNN’s “Situation Room” — a show that garnered 595,000 viewers by comparison, according to Mediaite.

The story of Watters’ 7 p.m. broadcast wasn’t much different.

The 3.189 million viewers the Fox show attracted was well more than the 1.164 million of MSNBC’s “The Reidout” and the 640,000 of CNN’s “Erin Burnett Outfront” combined, according to Mediaite.

Looking at numbers like that, no wonder CNN is firing or demoting every big name in the biz. Chris Cuomo was the first to go after that tarnished surname was beyond salvation. Brian Stelter took his frumpy self to Harvard after being unceremoniously canned. Jeffrey Toobin is doing goodness-knows-what in his spare time. And Don Lemon wakes up at 3:00am every weekday morning to present in front of nobody.

It’s all glorious and deserved for far-left activists masquerading as inquisitive reporters. And it’s even better news for Fox’s awesome line up, which isn’t without its faults but offers much more compelling and honest reportage. Watters has commentary, but his opinions are based in reality. The same can be said of Tucker Carlson.

Western Journal goes on to write that their rise to new heights isn’t by chance, and in fact isn’t a shock. Fox provides content that is accessible to viewers and lays out the real issues.

Fox’s strategy for actually drawing the attention of American cable news viewers isn’t complicated.

When you give a platform to views that actually include the varying perspectives of the average American, it’s no coincidence that you’ll draw an audience that’s otherwise largely excluded from corporate cable news.

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