Do You Think What This Mom Is Doing Is ‘Weird And Unnatural?’

Do You Think What This Mom Is Doing Is ‘Weird And Unnatural?’

Julia breɑstfed her daughter since she was born. Since the baby can feed in batches, which means eating a lot at once, Julia’s milk supply would be depleted.

“I was in the shower and she needed food,” Julia explained. “My mum has already asked me how I would feel about her breɑstfeeding Naomi.” She is still producing milk, and we knew she was still producing. I was fine with that.”

Angela produced excess milk throughout her pregnɑncy. This is good for the couple because she can give her generous stash to her granddaughter. Because both benefit from intergenerational breɑstfeeding, they continue to do so.

Angela underwent tests and scans and was found to be completely healthy. Little Naomi is not in dɑnger.

Even though strangers and people on the internet don’t like to see a mother-daughter duo breɑstfeeding a baby together, they still do it. As Julia said, this has been happening since the beginning of humanity.

Each month, Angela breɑstfeeds her granddaughter several times. This doesn’t happen every day.

“She loves doing it,” Julia added. “She’s been doing this for about six months.” We weren’t sure if Naomi would make it, but she did. It was amazing. It’s a big, big help to me. I can sleep and get something to eat. A real bond developed between the two.”

While some people find this outrageous, other moms are jealous. They know how hard breɑstfeeding can be and want to have a “nurse” to share some of the responsibility.

Do you think that is strange? Or do you think it’s special that mom and grandma can do it together?

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