Dad’s Plea For Son With Autism Who ‘Hasn’t 1 Friend’ Goes Viral And Birthday Wishes Pour In..

Dad’s Plea For Son With Autism Who ‘Hasn’t 1 Friend’ Goes Viral And Birthday Wishes Pour In

A dad’s heartfelt birthday wishes for his son is the most beautiful story you will find, and this one is taking over the internet.

A dad’s plea for his son with autism who ‘hasn’t had one friend’ goes viral and the birthday wishes pour in. As a mom who has one child on the autism spectrum this story reminds me of how beautiful humanity can be.

Having a child on the spectrum adds an extra learning curve to parenting. God created them to see the world through a different lens. And parents with children on the spectrum know how beautiful and brutal it can be, because they are not children who fit the typical social mold.

It simply means that we as parents, friends, strangers, caregivers, neighbors and teachers must find different ways to create a supportive community. Because each individual with autism is uniquely different.

A father asks his heart for birthday wishes for his son

Daniel Harrison, who has autism, recently wrote down two wishes – one of which came true thanks to his father.

Kevin Harrison, Daniel’s father, said that because of his son’s autism, Daniel usually prefers to play alone. In fact, throughout his childhood, Daniel never asked to play with his friends.

But this year, Daniel made a special birthday wish. The request shocked and shocked his father Kevin, as Daniel’s birthday wish was: to learn to drive and make friends.

Kevin often shares updates about Daniel on social media. However, after learning about his son’s birthday wishes, he wanted Daniel’s birthday to be a little sweeter.

He wrote on social media: “Daniel is my son.” Deeply autistic. He has no friends. Today is his birthday.” He humbly asked others to come forward and congratulate his son.

Little did Kevin know that this simple request for kindness would go viral with over 17,000 likes and tons of heartfelt birthday wishes. In fact, Daniel has received thousands of heartfelt birthday wishes.

Heartfelt birthday wishes are coming for a boy with autism

Among the birthday wishes, Kevin was surprised when celebrities like Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Ariel Winter took a moment to wish him a happy birthday as well. Most of the birthday wishes came from other parents of children on the spectrum. Sheletta Brundidge, a mom from Minnesota, posted,

“He has four friends in Minnesota and one with #autism also named Daniel.

Another dad who saw the tweet posted a photo of his son with the caption: “Hey Daniel, this is my son Jacob, also autistic, on his birthday last month. I’m sure he’d love to be your friend if you met, provided you don’t mind hearing a lot about superheroes. I hope you had a wonderful day.”

Select Kindness

As the comments, photos and birthday wishes continued to pour in, Kevin pondered why the response to such a simple request was so overwhelming. Kevin understood: “People want to be loved, right? People want to be liked. It’s a universal feeling,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. We were created to love and be loved. This story proves that we are never alone and that it doesn’t take much to show a little compassion and kindness to others. It shows that no matter how different we are, we are never alone.

Kevin said Daniel learned how to ‘drive’ through Nintendo’s Mario Cart and wanted to remind us all, “Never feel like you’re alone. Because I am and I know the families of others. You are not alone. Only people love you.”

“Children, we do not love with words and words, but with deeds and truth.” 1 John 3:18

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