Cop Buys New Bicycle For Elderly Man After His ‘Only Mode Of Transportation’ Was Stolen

Two police officers from Cape Coral, Florida went above and beyond to help an elderly man whose bicycle was stolen after they learned that it was his only mode of transportation.

It all started when a man named Robert, who is in his 80s, called the police to report that his bike was stolen from a Winn-Dixie supermarket. Officers Ken Cody and Guang Song responded to the call, and they were so saddened that the elderly gentlemen had no means of transport that they decided to help.

After taking the report, the two officers headed straight to Walmart to buy Robert a new bike. Body cam footage shows the officers giving the new bike to Robert at his home. The two cops took the time to help Robert adjust his seat and to show him all the new features, even giving him a new bike lock so that the bike would not be stolen again.

The Cape Coral Police Department posted the body cam footage to Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

“Field Training Officer Ken Cody and Officer Trainee Guang Song took a report of a stolen bicycle from the Winn Dixie in south Cape Coral,” the police department wrote. “The victim was a male in his 80s and the bicycle was his only mode of transportation. After taking the report, both officers couldn’t just allow the victim to be without any way to get around so they went to Walmart and bought him a new bicycle.”

“They delivered it to his home and made sure the seat was adjusted before leaving,” they continued. “A citizen took the time to share the incident on Facebook. Here is the video of the officers delivering the bicycle. The investigation is ongoing into finding the suspect that took the bicycle.”

We applaud these officers for their tremendous heart and service!

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