A 4-yr-old is dying of cancer. Her family is asking for help to celebrate her last birthday.

A 4-yr-old is d.ying of cɑncer. Her family is asking for help to celebrate her last birthday.

Delaney Krings, 4, of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is approaching her fifth birthday on December 16, and her parents know it may be her last — and individuals from all over the world are assisting her celebrate.

Delaney was diɑgnosed with fɑtɑl brain cɑncer on October 31, 2022. Doctors at Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital informed her parents she had six to eight weeks to live.

Her form of cɑncer is very common, explained Delaney’s mother Heather Krings (43). There is no treatment. Since it had already infiltrated so many vital parts of her brain, the radiation would cause much more dɑmage and negative consequences.

When Delaney’s family and friends learned of her condition, one suggested holding a birthday party for Delaney’s big birthday. The word quickly spread through their city, and then the world.

Sharon Tomlinson, a family friend, organized the card drive, according to Krings, who adds that local news stations helped spread the story. Her office was offered to serve as their mailbox. They get hundreds and hundreds of them.

Delaney enjoys looking at his cards, but gets tired after four or five at a time, Krings says.

“It’s amazing that it’s getting so much love,” adds Krings. There’s no way they’re going to make him open thousands of tickets every day. They choose some and open them for her. Music cards are popular.

Delaney also took Amazon deliveries and handmade goods such as blankets, bracelets and ornaments, the mother of three said.

Delaney received letters from all over the world, as well as some unique greetings, Krings says.

The phone just started ringing nonstop the next night, Krings adds. People informed her that NFL player JJ Watt, who is from Pewaukee, was sending her love.

Happy (early) 5th birthday Delaney! said the footballer on Twitter, along with a photo of him holding a home-made card. From Arizona to Pewaukee, he wished her a wonderful birthday, surrounded by family and friends!

Delaney also received a message of love from an Antarctic research expert.

They emailed it to them because it will take months to get the real card from Antarctica, Krings said.

Delaney has spent just eight days out of the hospitɑl since her diɑgnosis. Krings said her daughter will be honored in a special birthday parade organized by the community on Friday.

There will be a horse and buggy, first aid, several local dance teams and a group of dogs, Krings added, adding that Delaney will be drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.

They’re losing a little more every day, Krings explains from Delaney’s hospitɑl bed. She is aware that she has an ‘ovie’ on her head and will soon start to feel worse. But how do you explain that to a four-year-old? Break someone’s heart.

Krings claims the family doesn’t take any of Delaney’s moments for granted.

She is and always has been the happiest, funniest child you could ever meet. She asked God and her Savior to let her switch places with her daughter so she could continue spreading love, Krings said.

Delaney was diɑgnosed eight weeks ago on Christmas Day.

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