6-year-old boy passes away in car crɑsh on way home after celebrating first day of school – rest in peace

6-year-old boy passes away in car crɑsh on way home after celebrating first day of school – rest in peace

Every parent wishes to see their child attend school. Most parents choose to drop off their kids at school rather than taking the school bus on the first day since they want to see them go through the school gates. It was a day they would never forget.

And the mother in today’s article was looking forward to her son’s first day at school. However, she had no idea that it would be his last day. They were in a car ɑccident on the highway, which turned mom’s life upside down.

Lacey Fiedtkou, mother of Azir Louis, Jeune was very happy to send him to school for the first time a few days after he celebrated his sixth birthday. She and her sister, Nakisha Louis-Jeune, have been waiting for this day for a long time.

A sad event occurred on August 17, 2022, which turned the family’s life upside down. Lacey was driving her car in the dark of night, with Azir sitting in the back seat. Their Volkswagen Passat broke down on the Turnpike in Florida.

Lacey pulled into the inside lane to consider her options. She soon felt a strong movement that caused her car to spin many times before coming to a stop. Her car was a Mercedes-Benz.

During the ɑccident, the boy riding in Lacey’s passenger seat was also seriously in.jured. However, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz got out of the vehicle and left the scene holding the child in his arms.

The ambulance arrived quickly and saved Lacey, the man she was with, and Azir. Unfortunately, they were unable to find Azir’s heartbeat and pronounced him deɑd at the scene, while Lacey and the boy were taken to Broward Medical Center.

While Lacey went home shortly after the trɑgedy. Azir’s family was heartbroken to see him go at such a young age. They hoped to celebrate his achievements at every step of his life, but felt powerless in the face of fate’s intentions.

After the fɑtɑl ɑccident, it took only a few seconds for little Azir’s life to end. My aunt remembers him as a brilliant young man who always told the truth and brightened their lives with his presence. The whole family was stunned and vowed to seek justice for their little bundle of joy.

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the crɑsh after it happened. They viewed CCTV footage and called the owner of the other vehicle involved in the coIIision. However, the owner was not driving at the time.

The video revealed the driver to be black, between 20 and 25 years old, and about five and a half feet tall. Shortly thereafter, authorities received information about the person from a witness.

After fleeing the scene, the man got into another vehicle and asked the driver to take him to the hospitaI. As they were driving, the man wanted to get off at the Toscana Place condominium complex in Davie, Florida.

Nakisha was surprised by the man’s courage to leave the scene of the ɑccident. He had done something “terribIe”, she claimed, and it should have stopped there. She stated:

“You say you were concerned about your child’s safety, but you left someone else’s child on the side of the road like it was nothing.

“Stay; it could have been an ɑccident. Why do you want to leave? They left, of course, because what they did was wrong,” Nakisha said. As the officers continued their investigation, she prayed that someone would catch the man quickly.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Azir’s family as they deal with this trɑgic event. Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family.

Rest in peace sweet baby.

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